Killer joins the Legends

Former Newcastle United centre-back, and captain of the 1992-93 Championship-winning squad, Brian ‘Killer’ Kilcline, has put pen to paper and become the latest member of the Newcastle Legends set-up with his official agent now the Managing Director of Newcastle Legends, Steve Wraith.

Kilcline, who joined United in 1992 after a brief spell with Derby County lifted the FA Cup with Coventry City in 1987 (against Tottenham Hotspur). Upon joining Newcastle, the long-haired, no-nonsense centre-back was immediately installed as club captain and he never let the Magpies down so this move, taking on a Tyneside agent, bodes well for an industrious future for the Newcastle legend.

Talking exclusively to Newcastle Legends Brian said: “I never had a football agent during my playing career but I’ve stayed involved in football and certain things just worked into the right gears.

“Life is, in essence, like a library, and we store a lot away. I always have a great time when I’m in Newcastle and over time we (with his wife Lynn) have got to know Steve (Wraith) well and he looks after us when we do come up. It was Lynn who asked him, put out the first feelers, about him becoming my agent and I’m glad that she did – I’m really pleased to be on board.

“This is a business for Steve as well so I’ll do whatever comes my way, whatever is needed of me really and not necessarily in Newcastle – I’ve fans from Nottingham and Coventry from the start of my career so there’s plenty we can do.”

During his time at Newcastle Brian trained with, and played alongside, recently departed Pavel Srnicek as the Czech stopper had recently joined the club. Having attended the recent memorial service for Pav at St. Andrews Church in Newcastle Brian said of the loss: “I roomed and trained with Pav for some two-and-a-half years.

“He was an absolute gentleman, which to me is just an adjective to describe someone who was a really nice guy for there was nothing bad that you could say about him; that and he was a quality keeper as well.

“All that happened in the past made him what he was and it was a crying shame that his life was cut tragically short.”